Monthly Archives: November 2004

BloggerCon III: Newbies Session

The discussion leader was Rebecca MacKinnon. Because BloggerCon is an "un-conference", and there is no presentation or pre-set agenda, she asked people in the room what they were interested in. There was actually an interesting mix of pure blog newbies to blog veterans (meaning that they have been blogging for over 2 years ;-). Some were interested in finding out how to start blogging, others how to push a corporate blogging agenda, etc. Lots of different perspectives and levels of experience/expertise.

A few people were working for blogging tools vendors, but they did not really speak out because of the BloggerCon policy of not allowing vendors’ plugs (which unfortunately prevented these very experienced users to share their expertise – Niall has a great post on this).

Rebecca pointed the audience to her blog that points to useful "Blogging for Newbies" resources, including definitions, a "cookbook" and a wiki she has setup to gather these … Read more »