AdSense For Feeds: Creepy – in some Sense.

Tim Bray has published a piece AdSense For Feeds, Say What? that summarizes my own experience.

Upon learning about the availability of AdSense for Feeds ("AFF"), I was keen to try it out. So I went to the registration page, and started reading the Terms and Conditions (yes, I try and read these things).

Whilst I was happy to give a shot to estimate the number of subscribers of my RSS feeds, the "T&C" language related to  "Responsibility for Feed Users" felt downright creepy:

[…] You agree you will be responsible and liable for any and all use of the AFF Ads by any feed user and will indemnify Google for any lawsuit or proceeding (a) relating to or arising from any feed user’s use of AFF; (b) relating to or arising from Your failure to ensure any feed user’s compliance with the terms of the amended Agreement; and/or (c) brought by a feed user against Google that arises from or is related to Your provision of AFF Ads to such feed user. […]

Duh ? I don’t control my readers, and especially, I don’t control these sites that republish my content (like, foundnews, etc.) and have no clue what they’d do with ads. So… I’ll stay put for now, and will wait to see what other’s experience is with the service.

I heard in the Gillmor Daily that Om’s application was rejected, maybe because his blog is running on WordPress and that according to Matt, only MT/TP and Blogger users are accepted ?

Any other feedback yet ?