Announcing Stephanie Palmeri’s Promotion to Principal

Just one year ago, we were happily announcing that Steph was joining us (OK, after I tried to dissuade her in a first place). She promptly took the lead on next generation commerce opportunities, as well as helping our companies with their marketing strategy. Overall, she has contributed a lot to our firm and our companies in such a short time.

That’s why today Charles and I are thrilled to share an exciting piece of news: Steph’s promotion to Principal. Join us in wishing her well! And follow Steph on Twitter at @stephpalmeri.

  • Chris Yeh

    Big congratulations to Steph (and my commendation to Jeff and Charles on the wisdom of this move).  Great news all around!

  • Jackie Danicki

    Wow, good for you guys – and for Steph! Seems like only yesterday you were announcing her joining the team. Glad you have her brain at the table!