Bar Camp: Thoughts, Pictures and Thanks

Barcamp logoSpent time with BarCampers on Friday and Sunday. Awesome crowd, great discussions, superb atmosphere. It was the will and the interest of the people that brought BarCamp together, in a construct that is hard to plan for or replicate. “I am interested, I attend, I contribute (and yo, I am a bozo :-)” they said.

There were a lot of great moments over the week-end, but the best  were the “3 words” rounds of introductions, the long chats I had with Mike Arrington from TechCrunch fame, the beercasting session on Friday night with Steve Gillmor, John Furrier and Chris Pirillo, private demos of Flock by Chris Messina, and WordPress 1.6 by Photomatt, and hanging out with so many cool people. I also enjoyed leading a discussion on Venture Capital and early stage financing – more on it later.

Thanks to Chris Messina, my buddy Andy Smith, Ross Mayfield and all the people who helped, supported, sponsored, and came. That was awesome (spent too much time with Scoble this week, too many awesome), and sign me up for the next BarCamp, or FooBarCamp, or whatever the name is.

Here are some of the pictures I took:

Three words for an introduction  Chris Messina trying to setup the video link with FooCamp  Michael Arrington from TechCrunch

Ross Mayfield: I like Skype, they are from Estonia   The Welcome sign of BarCamp  Chatting: Ross Mayfield, Peter Kaminski, Kevin Marks

Russell Beattie showing his PSP to Chris Pirillo  Yep, there was a tent, and people sleeping in it!  People checking out items sold in the silent auction




  • Michael Arrington

    Jeff, It was fun, wasn’t it? Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on venture capital yesterday. I always like getting your unfiltered opinions, viewpoints, rants, etc. :-) It was also the first time that I fully understood your business model and what a powerful ally you can be for companies.