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Welcome Stephanie Palmeri, the gal I meant to dissuade taking a job in venture… and ended up hiring

We’re super excited to announce that Stephanie (“Steph”) Palmeri has joined SoftTech VC as Senior Associate, a brand new position in our firm which has grown 400% since January 1st. Steph is awesome: smart, workhorse, funny, New-Yorker, swear-proof, determined, Columbia MBA – in no particular order. And we can truly say that serendipity is responsible for that lucky find for us.

If you follow me on Twitter/Google+, you might recall a post I wrote a couple of months ago (which generated a lot of great comments):

A very smart MBA (who just graduated) wrote me asking if there was a job opportunity at SoftTech VC. She really wants a job in venture apparently, which I can respect, but I really think that venture (aka “the dark side”) is a gig you do after accumulating operating experience. Here is what I wrote her:

“In any case, I don’t think that we … Read more »

Skype’s non-service model

Ross is telling us about Vonage service problems he has been facing, and we’ve all been there: it sucks when it happens.

I spent two hours on my cell phone talking to Vonage support. Escalated from one guy that couldn’t speak any language from what I could tell, to another who said they weren’t allowed to help with the problem, to another who ran me ragged with power cycling. The basic issue is their records think I have two ATA boxes. Fourth tier is management and they still don’t know how to fix it. They promised to ship a new ATA box by Friday, who knows if it will show up Tuesday. They don’t do truck rolls. The saga continues.

Why will Skype destroy Vonage?  The service model.

Whilst I am very sympathetic to the Vonage angst, and being a Vonage customer myself, I have had similar problems, I don’t agree with … Read more »