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FeedBurner’s “-blogger_feel_good” option

Ah! Check this out.

That is a bug that I am not unhappy with for once: suddenly my FeedBurner FeedCount has grown 900% to a TechCrunch-like subscriber number.

(Gee! Mike is at 62K subscribers now. Sounds like this whole re-design brouhaha did not have much impact after all, did it ?)

So I know it is a wrong number, but many thanks to my FeedBurner friends for introducing this “”-blogger_feel_good“ command line option,  or to one of the many RSS readers out therefore for reporting an (obviously outreagously) inflated number .

Update: it is now clear from the FeedBurner subscribers statistics page that ”the issue“ is NetVibes, which is reporting 51,328 users reading my feed.

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The Circle of Envy

You can read the long version of the story on Jeff Bussgang’s blog, but in short, the “Circle of Envy” in Private Equity is spelled out the following way:

Entrepreneurs envy VCs b/c they get to make a lot of money collecting management fees, and not working too hard to earn their salary. VCs envy Buyout investors, who get to manage much (much) larger funds with similarly large management fees to enjoy, and an even easier life. Buyout investors envy hedge fund managers who get to cash in their carried interest every year, and who enjoy quicker path to liquidity for their investments. Think about it: getting VC-like carry (typically 20%) to play in the public market. Hedgies envy… entrepreneurs – who get to build companies serially every 5/6 years, make a ton of money and can take long breaks in between startups. Entrepreneurs envy… you get it.

An amusing read, with a few real traits. … Read more »

The GapingVoid on Business Models

I met and hung out with a ton of cool people during my trip to Paris, and one of them was Hugh MacLeod from GapingVoid fame. We had crossed each other’s path at Les Blogs 2.0 a number of times, and had a chance to chat for a while at Fon‘s Martin Varsavsky’s place. Hugh was kindly drawing some of his famous cartoons for some of the guests, and inherited this one – based on some of the topics covered during my panel.

No comment :-P.

Also worth the read: Hugh’s thoughts on Les Blogs.

Yahoo RSS Reader: I heart Firefox (IE, what IE ?)

I am sure that this is a temporary bug (or even buguette), but I can’t get the new Yahoo RSS Reader to display my feeds on Internet Explorer (V6 with latest patches, both on Windows 2000 and Windows XP) whereas it works great on Firefox. I am all for Firefox but developers should at least test Internet Explorer a little bit :-P.


                   Firefox displays RSS Feeds properly                                     No feeds in IE


On this day, my birthday

Isn’t it a bit goofy to mention your birthday on your blog ? Well, I’ll do it anyway but will also point you to what (other more interesting things) happened on an Aug 29th (via the BBC), and to a list of celebrities and luminaries who were born on that “glorious” date (via Wikipedia):

1619Jean-Baptiste Colbert, French minister of finance (d. 1683) 1632John Locke, English philosopher (d. 1704) 1862 – Maurice Maeterlinck, Belgian writer (d. 1949) 1915Ingrid Bergman, Swedish actress (d. 1982) 1920Charlie Parker, American jazz saxophonist and composer (d. 1955) 1923The Lord Attenborough, English film director 1936John McCain, American politician Read more »

Excellent (and Gentle) Google Satire

Like many, I am happily resting from the overdose of Google IPO news, commentary, rants, praise’m, burn’m… and the continuous stream of information that was broadcasted, RSS’ed and printed for our benefit over the past few weeks.

However, John Battelle is pointing to a very funny piece from Paul Ford: The Banality of Google. It is worth relaxing for 5 minutes and reading it…