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The iPhone mania: Robert Scoble and Patrick first in line

  Robert and Patrick first in front of the Apple store in Palo Alto    Originally uploaded by jeffclavier

Robert has said that he was going to do it: well here he is with Patrick camping in front of the Apple store in Palo Alto since this morning 9:30am. For the short period of time I was there, a crew from CNBC and a   reporter from the Red Herring showed up to interview them.

It is going to be a zoo over there tonight, but it should be fun. I am not planning to stay overnight, but I might do my meetings tomorrow afternoon in the queue if there aren’t gazillions of people waiting.

Apple has released information about tomorrow’s "stampede": they will close the stores for 4 hours before the 6pm opening, and will sell a maximum of 2 iPhones per person.

Typepad gets a few useful feature additions

Typepad New Features Originally uploaded by jeffclavier.

Six Apart just announced a few new additions to TypePad that are worth noting:

The most important one – by far – was the ability to link your TypePad feeds to your FeedBurner managed feed, which I blogged about upon release. For the first time, bloggers know exactly how many subscribers they have across their numerous feed incarnations – and that is important to their ego . I like the ability to feature a post temporarily. This one (related to the World Cup) will be up until Sunday. And then I stop blogging about sports – I swear. It would however be great to somehow mark the post as “Featured” since the current implementation does not make it explicit. Finally, the ability to edit multiple posts in one go, like closing comments or trackbacks, is pretty useful.

Next requirement: getting some of the Read more »

NewsGator for Windows Mobile: I like it but…

Just saw this on my friend Brad Feld’s blog: NewsGator for Windows Mobile Beta Available, and decided to give it a try.

To be honest, I am not too sure that I want to be hooked to my Cingular 8125 much more than I already am, but I might like to check a few feeds every now and then.

You can download the program through a Windows EXE file that installs a .cab on your device, or you can download the .cab directly on your phone. A few remarks about the (beta) product:

We need a bit more information as to which platform/device should be using the PPC or the smartphone version. I tried both on my phone and they both work, even though the Smartphone version seems to have more options. It is great that the Mobile version synchronizes with the NewsGator back-end, like FeedBurner and NetNewsWire. However, I don’t want to read … Read more »

If you are still wondering whether to buy an EVDO card – read this

It has been a few days since I bought an EVDO card (using the excuse that my new office would not have Internet access for about a week), and I must say that I am totally bought in: this is the best productivity tool I have bought in a while, both in terms of convenience and time saved.

Time saved can be measured in the (sometime long) minutes one has to spend testing, configuring and sometimes paying for Wifi access. Convenience is due to the ability to access the Net during a “downtime” (like this morning when I waited for the airport shuttle) where this was no Wifi access point around.

Add to this the fact that the first couple of hours of a large conference is generally spent screwing around with a non-working Wifi (apparently Etech’s attendees faced that last week), and you will very quickly rationalize that $60 to $80 a month is *nothing*.

I for … Read more »

Erratum – The PowerBook G4: a lean mean fragile blogging machine

A month ago, I posted in enthusiasm and sheer happiness about my favorite toy of the moment, my PowerBook G4. After 3 months of moderate use (I don’t blog that much after all and my X41 is my main computer), it melted. About 2 weeks ago, the unit started randomly freezing – having no other recourse than clic-clac (power off/power on). Pretty extreme, but the only solution. Over the past week, it might happen 3 times in an hour, rendering the laptop unusable.

I tried to run hardware tests. Fine. Disk tests. Fine. OS re-install. The machine freezes 10 minutes into the install. FUBAR.

Called in Apple support (very nice) to get an incident ID. I now need to go the Apple Store to give the fried machine to an Apple Genius (doh), who will send it in for repair.

I have had 5 IBM ThinkPads and one Dell Latitude over the past 12 years. They never failed me … Read more »

The PowerBook G4: a lean mean blogging machine

I have meant to post on this for a long time, so here we go: I know I am preaching to the choir when I say that the Mac, especially the PowerBook, is a fantastic blogging machine. Just take a look at the laptops facing you when you speak at a blogging conference, and you will see a sea of sleek aluminum cases with a stylized apple in the middle. As my PowerBook is rendered obsolete by the announcement of the Intel-based MacBookPro, I would still recommend it as a blogging machine. For a few additional shekels, you can get the excellent NetNewsWire and Ecto, two great pieces of software. I can’t wait for NetNewsWire to be integrated with the NewsGatorOnline back-end so that my feeds and read marks

Obviously, you might also need to run Windows in the office, access your server-based files, run Office, etc. In that case throw in a … Read more »

ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC named Latop of the Year

Jupiter Research Michael Gartenberg just announced his recent decision to name the ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC “Laptop of the Year”:

It’s the first Tablet PC I’ve used where there is no penalty at all for the Tablet OS feature. It just works as a great notebook and when you need it in Tablet mode (like in that middle seat in coach on the way to CES) it’s just there for you. Still no integrated drive and the screen is still XGA. But if you need more, you might want to look at the Z60t. Take the great IBM keyboard, add in a nice DVD burner and a 15“ screen. Toss in a Pentium M and a gig of memory and a 100gb HD and you’re talking about a first class system that will keep up with most desktops. The best part is that it’s still only 5.5lbs so it’s still truly portable.

I … Read more »

Trend: Over 1 million Windows to Mac converts so far in 2005? Et moi, et moi, et moi…

I just stumbled across this piece from AppleInsider on Memeorandum: Over 1 million Windows to Mac converts so far in 2005?:

In a research note released to clients on Monday, Needham & Co. analyst Charles Wolf said the number of Windows users purchasing a Mac appears to be far higher than the firm had previously anticipated.

"If we assume that all of the growth in Mac shipments during the past three quarters resulted from Windows users purchasing a Mac, then purchases by Windows users exceeded one million," the analyst said. "Indeed, the number of Windows users purchasing Macs in 2005 could easily exceed our forecast of 1.3 million switchers in 2006."

Needham had previously estimated that 500,000 Windows users would purchase a Mac in 2005, but says its model underestimated the number of Windows users the Mac could capture because it was limited to Windows users … Read more »

More thoughts on Memeorandum 2.0

I posted last night about the new version of Memeorandum being available, and why it looked really great, especially with the new Tech focused content aggregation. However, because my DSL is out of wack, I could not only get minimal access to the Net through my neighbor’s Wifi.

One of the things I missed is Gabe’s mission statement for Memeorandum: in Why does memeorandum exist?, Gabe lists these three objectives.

Recognize the web as editor: There’s this notion that blogs collectively function as news editor. No, not every last blog on Earth. Tapping the thoughts of all of humanity uniformly would predictably lead to trivial, even spammy "news". But today there are rather large communities of knowledgeable, sophisticated commentators, (and yes) even reporters writing on the web, signaling in real time what’s worthy of wider discussion. I want memeorandum to tap this signal. Rapidly uncover new sources: Sometimes breaking news is posted to a blog created just to … Read more »

Memeorandum 2.0 is out – covering Tech and News/Politics

You must have heard a number of times about Memeorandum given that the biggest fan and user of the application is Robert Scoble. He introduced me to the initial implementation around BloggerCon III, and this is also when I met Gabe Rivera, the innovator behind Memeorandum.

What is the main concept ? The program is going to monitor a set of news sources, track the links pointing to news items, and elevate the posts that get most linked. You can also see short snippets of these “linking” posts.

What is it used for ? To show what are the most important conversations going on (based on the number of links, etc.). Today’s tech meme is the acquisition of Skype by eBay, which leads the home page to be almost only focused on that topic.

Gabe just released the second version of this application, that now covers News/Politics and Technology. Scoble has a long post explaining … Read more »

My next phone ? Might be a Treo 670…

Whenever I meet with my friend Andrew Carton, the founder of Treonauts, he tries to convince me to switch from my SMT 5600 to a Treo.

After almost a year of using it, I like that phone and I *really* like Windows Mobile. Synchronizing emails and contacts, downloading podcasts automatically and listening them on the go, taking pictures and uploading them, it just works.

Oh yeah, and the phone part (dialing, answering calls, etc. – you know) also works great. So no reason to change, but for the VGA camera which snaps pictures of limited quality.

Well, looks like I can get in line for this one: Andrew posted that after a lot of false rumors and photoshopped pictures, the Treo 670 is “announced”, running Windows Mobile 5.

I just wish the camera was a 2 Megapixels. To anyone from Palm marketing listening: I am happy to be a beta tester!

Tools: my holiday wishlist

This is really an addendum to my piece on blog posting tools. I have been catching up on blogs and podcasts over the holidays, working mostly offline. This has allowed me to discover a few issues or annoyances that ought to be addressed eventually by these tools providers.

TypePad: I have been using the comments/trackbacks moderation made available through the new version (1.6). It is a very useful feature, but it would be a great to add the notion of “certification” (for lack of a better word) of a source of comments or trackbacks, i.e once someone’s comment/trackback has been accepted then it is possible to register that source as “straight through”, not requiring a new moderation. Also, for people using TypeKey as the authentication mechanism, I would point to their TypePad blog as a home page as opposed to their TypeKey home page (or I would seriously refine that one). Odeo: for the record, I might have been … Read more »