Fracking comment and trackback spam

Like anyone maintaining one or more blogs, I really, genuinely, hate trackback and comment spam. Ever since I have turned on moderation on this blog, I have been inundated by hundreds of comments and trackbacks, a large percentage with the same format – related to porn sites. Since they are coming from a large pool of different IP addresses, they can’t be blocked, etc. So I have to spend time cleaning up my trackbacks every now and then. If some of your trackbacks get deleted as well, apologies in advance, but I don’t have much time to deal with this crap with nuance and finesse.

Every now and then, I also get the random, strange, stupid (?) spam like this one, coming from an IP address in Canada. Tres bizarre.

Comment spam

Actually, since the number of spam messages has grown so much, I wonder if the folks at SixApart still maintain all the spam filters that they had put in place in the past, or if they removed them after implementing comment/trackback moderation.

What a pain!

Update: Anil responds in the comments that 6AP are still filtering out spam.

  • Anil Dash

    We’re actually blocking more spam than ever, as a percentage, but total spam attacks have increased by that much volume that we’re all seeing more.
    We’ll be working to put even more blocks in place so you don’t have to deal with the spam yourself.