Congratulations to Netvibes on their $15M raise

LogonetvibesI am late to it (been busy with the aftermath of my own news) but I have to congratulate my friends Tariq Krim, Pierre Chappaz and Freddy Mini for closing Netvibes’ Series B of 12M EUR (or $15M). Per TechCrunch:

NetVibes, a Paris/London based company, will announce a $15 million round of financing on Monday. Existing investor Index Ventures joined new investor Accel to lead the investment, which is one of the largest this year for a European company. The valuation was not disclosed.

I missed the angel financing round that involved Index Ventures, Pierre, Marc Andreessen and Martin Varsavsky but Tariq has since asked me to join his advisory board. The growth of Netvibes in users and traffic has been stunning, and I am delighted to be involved in helping build the company.

Freddy MiniActually, Freddy – the COO and future expat in the Valley to build the co’s business in the US –  is going to attend the forthcoming TechCrunch party this Friday. Feel free to look him up and say hi if you want to chat with a Netviber. Or send me an email and I will introduce you to Freddy. Just to make it easy, a picture of Freddy is on the right of this post.

Don’t look for me at TechCrunch VII. Unfortunately (well not that unfortunate), I will still be on hols for a few days when it takes place. Have fun, you all 700+ lucky bastards attendees.

  • Dillon Thomas

    “Have fun, you all 700+ lucky bastards attendees” LOL
    Id love to be there too but maybe some time in the future…

  • Bill

    We run an incubator here in Chicago and we’re a bit confused by the social shopping revenue model. We’ve heard a lot about their potential, but were confused if there is something there besides the click through revenue. We also don’t see how they are keeping the profiles from just becoming advertisements for marketers.
    Thanks in advance