David Beisel on Seven Questions Employees Should Ask Before Joining a Startup

David Beisel is bringing to us another great post in his Startups series: Seven Questions Employees Should Ask Before Joining a Startup.

As usual, very relevant and worth a read for anyone considering joining a startup. Amusingly, a friend of mine asked me the same question last night, as she interviewed today with the CEO of a young venture-backed company. I would add:

  • How is the company positioned in its ecosystem: client/users, partners/channels, competitors ?
  • What are the 3 top reasons for clients/users to buy/use the company’s products/services ?
  • How are our competitors funded ? If there is a major difference in stage or size of funding, enquire about the future financing strategy ?
  • If the position is a senior one, ask to meet the VC/board members – if ever they were not part of the hiring process.

I had the pleasure to meet David face to face at Web 2.0, after reading and commenting on his blog for a while. Definitely a great addition to your blogroll.

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