Erratum – The PowerBook G4: a lean mean fragile blogging machine

A month ago, I posted in enthusiasm and sheer happiness about my favorite toy of the moment, my PowerBook G4. After 3 months of moderate use (I don’t blog that much after all and my X41 is my main computer), it melted. About 2 weeks ago, the unit started randomly freezing – having no other recourse than clic-clac (power off/power on). Pretty extreme, but the only solution. Over the past week, it might happen 3 times in an hour, rendering the laptop unusable.

I tried to run hardware tests. Fine. Disk tests. Fine. OS re-install. The machine freezes 10 minutes into the install. FUBAR.

Called in Apple support (very nice) to get an incident ID. I now need to go the Apple Store to give the fried machine to an Apple Genius (doh), who will send it in for repair.

I have had 5 IBM ThinkPads and one Dell Latitude over the past 12 years. They never failed me that quickly. I sure am happy to type this post on the laptop of the year.

PS: I got to test a MacBook Pro at the Palo Alto Apple Store (since I was there). Besides the integrated iSight, I did not see much of a difference with my (now defunct) G4, especially on speed. I was told that most applications were still running in binary compatibility mode.

  • Peter Cooper

    Sorry to hear that, mine’s still going like a trooper (touch wood!). I have noticed it can run a bit hot, but since I moved to using an iCurve it’s been nice and cool. The latest model of the PowerBook G4 has been tracked as being one of the most reliable models, but it seems a few are still gunna get bad ones unfortunately.
    My iBook had a nasty fail eleven months after I got it, but I decided to rip it open and fix it myself. Turned out a wire was getting pinched in the screen hinge.. easily fixed and save losing the machine for weeks..

  • rob

    pull the RAM and try with some other RAM.

  • dahowlett

    Oh shit – this is bad – I’m in lurv with my shiny PowerBook G4 – touch wood – all OK.