Flying Song for the first time

SongSong is the low cost airline operation of Delta Airlines, sort of an in-house equivalent of Southwest Airlines or JetBlue from what I understand. I discovered the airline when shopping for tickets to fly to NYC for Blogon 2005: $292 for an SFO/JFK.

Song Entertainment SystemThe airline flies single class Boeing 757 with comfortable leg room. Actually I am seating at an exit row and the leg room is *huge*. There is an entertainment system with 20 TV channels, pay per view movies at $5 a pop, games and a selection of a thousand-plus MP3 files.

You have to pay for the food which actually seems OK, and not too expensive, and only alcohol beverages are charged.

Niall Kennedy was in the same flightStaff is very friendly, with a jean and a cool flashy t-shirt (that matches the color of the cabin). Recorded safety instructions at the beginning of the flight are spoken by an Irish gal with a very thick local accent and Irish folk music playing in the background, cracking a bunch of jokes. Net result: I listened to safety instructions for the first time in years (I know – my bad).

Very clever. I’ll be back.

  • marc brown

    Sounds like JetBlue!