Images of BlogHerCon

Renee Blodgett & JD Lasica   BlogHerCon Dinner  Business for Blogging BOF

         Renee and JD                Pre-Conference Dinner          Business Blogging BOF

Charlene Li  Deborah Schultz  Patricia Nakache, Denise Lowell, Mary Hodder

  Charlene after her BOF              Deborah Schultz             Patricia, Denise and Mary

Susan Getgood, Mary Smaragdis, Christine Halvorson  Elisa Camahort  Anina and John Furrier

Susan, Mary, and Christine      Elisa before her panel               John and Anina

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    i love this picture of john and me!! thank you again for snapping it! it was really cool to meet you. :) did you say you are working with sixapart? did you see the site? it’s all these lifeblogs about fashion.