Investment of the day: Mashery

Mashery_logoBusy week: another of my recent investments was announced this morning. I have joined First Round Capital’s Josh Kopelman and my Search SIG co-chair Dave Mc Clure as founding investor of Mashery, Inc., a software infrastructure startup. We will actually not disclose much more than what Oren Michels, the CEO, has mentioned on his blog– but the company is essentially developing a much needed piece of functionality of the web services and mashups economy.

Our Mashery will be a resource for developers, API providers and mashup users. Over the next six months, we will release a range of services that will make it easier to develop, deploy and use mashups and other “user generated services”

I am excited to work with Oren again, who was the VP of Business Development of Feedster – of which Josh, Dave and I all were Angel investors.

Just to clarify by the way: it just so happens that four investments closed in the same week (last week, and yes there is one more to announce), but they have all been progressing at different pace and speeds over the past few weeks. The fact that they all closed within a few days of each others is pure coincidence. Don’t start assuming that I am doing 4 investments per week . And if you check out Josh’s post announcing his investment, you’ll see that he has been pretty darn busy as well.

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  • oren michels

    Only 4 this week? Sheesh – imagine how many you might have gotten done if the World Cup had not been on…
    Thanks, Jeff – for the investment, and for the opportunity to work with you again. Really looking forward to it!

  • ouriel

    well done Jeff. impressive pace! I hope to learn from it :)

  • Jeff Jordan

    You’re smokin’ hot this week, Jeff! A Fortune Magazine article recently reported that over 60% of angel groups didn’t make an investment last year, so you personally have passed tham all up in one week. What are your thoughts on the inactivity of angel groups? They see a ton of dealflow compared to the average angel, and they have tons of resources — so why the dormancy?

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