Josh Kopelman has avoided it for a long time – but he’s finally done it: he blogs

It is with delight that I have discovered that my friend Josh Kopelman, the Managing Director of First Round Capital, and one of the early stage investors I respect the most, has finally given up and has launched his blog a few days ago. “Redeye VC” relates to the fact that Josh seems to exclusively fly the redeye from SFO to Philadelphia, his home base. Here is his feed.

In his first post, Josh tries to explain why he has taken so much time to give in: #4 rings so true (it is 4:29am as I type this on Sunday morning).

4. I don’t have the time.
There are currently 364 unanswered emails in my inbox.  I have 14 phone calls to return.  Six meetings a day.  I’m currently sitting on the redeye flying back from SFO to PHL. I have a wife.  Two kids.  If I had an extra hour a day, I’d rather spend it sleeping.

When the music stops is also worth the read.

Welcome Dude, about time!

  • steve mertz

    Jeff-Thanks for all the great information you share. I tried to use the feed to Josh’s blog and it’s not working yet. thanks, steve

  • Josh Kopelman

    Thanks for the kind words, Jeff! – Josh