Microsoft VC Summit 2006: More about the CIO Panel

I already blogged about the IT scaling challenges of McDonald’s at the Microsoft VC Summit. Here are a few additional  tidbits of information I gleaned during the discussion between senior IT executives from Motorola, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse:

  • BPM/BAM are finally seeing enterprise deployments, with true mobile integration. Likewise SOA has now been adopted by most large enterprises.
  • About 17% of Motorola’s IT infrastructure is now relying on Open Source software, growing at 64% per annum.
  • On security, a point was made that there is often a total disconnect between the buzz generated by a security risk or threat, the actual impact of that problem, and the budgets allocated to solving/protecting from it. The risk to enterprises is both operational (disruption to their business) and brand impact (lose 100K credit card numbers of your customers and you’ll be very popular).