Playing with Odeo

Following the post of my buddy Rodrigo, and the rather acid comment I left there, I thought that I should spend some more time trying out Odeo. My initial 5 minutes on the product two days ago led me to think that it was a lot of hype and not much functionality – especially given that the podcast production bit is not available yet (more power to Eric Rice and

OdeoI decided to try Odeo on my Tablet PC, which is running Windows XP and Windows Media Player 10. Because of the automatic synchronization of WM10 playlists with my "scoblephone", the SMT5600, Odeo performs similarly to other iPodder implementations – except for the tagging aspect.
The social networking functionality (i.e the ability to connect to friends and see what their subscriptions are) is definitely not straightforward to use, since I had to guess the usernames that my usual contacts (Ross, David,…) had used when registering.
Update: I then figured that if you search for someone’s name, their profile will appear alongside the podcasts their name is linked to. Not super intuitive but better than guessing.

The biggest issue I see is that there is quite a backlog in the archive of shows made available by Odeo: For immediate Release is missing the last 4 shows, The Chris Pirillo show the last 2, etc. Which means that the convenience of not having to deal with RSS enclosures (which is done by hand with NewsGator – glad to see that FeedStation is now available) implies a delay in the shows I have in my watchlist.
I’m sure that this will be fixed shortly though.

I know that this is a beta version, and fully appreciate the implications, but it feels sort to too early/limited for a product that had built a lot of expectations by launching "en fanfare".

Am I being unfair here ? Also, has anyone found how to invite friends ?

  • Chad Alderson

    I’ve looked everywhere and I don’t see a way to invite friends… Too bad.


    hey buddy! as soon as you find out how to invite me to Odeo, please do so!