BetterDoctor is a comprehensive doctor search tool that brings transparency to healthcare. Since the launch in late 2012 BetterDoctor web and mobile apps have helped 10,000,000 patients find the right doctor. The company is backed by first tier VCs including NEA and SoftTechVC. BetterDoctor helps people find and connect to the best doctors through their consumer app, doctor marketing services, and API. Their mission is to help increase transparency in healthcare and help consumers make better decisions. BetterDoctor's mobile app helps consumers search for doctors in their area using their comprehensive, data-driven algorithm that accounts for a doctor's education, experience and referral network. BetterDoctor helps busy doctors grow their practice by building an online presence that reflects their expertise and trustworthiness. BetterDoctor's API is democratizing health care data to encourage transparency and innovation in the health space. They collaborate with insurance companies, startups, and educational institutions to power applications that provide users with industry-leading, high-quality data.

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