ClassDojo's mission is to give teachers, parents, and students the power to transform education from the ground-up, in every classroom in the world. The company does this by making it easy to share everything from the classroom more openly, more positively and more often. This includes sharing classroom activities and skills students are building through photos, videos, and messaging. It is one of the fastest-growing education technology companies of all time, with millions of teachers and tens of millions of parents and students using it in more than 180 countries. The Company is Built on Four Key Principles: - Community: help parents, teachers, and students become a closely-knit community. Sharing the classroom experience creates a foundation of communication and trust that turns classrooms into communities. - Ground-Up Change: give teachers, parents, and students the power to change how education works in their classrooms and their communities. - Delivering Big Ideas: help deliver important ideas that have the power to change education, and make them real and easily accessible. - For Everyone: be available for every teacher, parent, and student who wants a better education in every classroom and in every school in the world. Key Facts: - Used every day in over 50% of US schools - Available in 180 countries, in over 40 languages - More than 8,000 messages sent every minute

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