We are a consumer electronics company focused on creating things that that make life better. Our flagship product, Coin, is a connected device that allows you to carry fewer cards in your wallet with security and utility beyond what a plastic card can offer. We live in a world of overstuffed wallets and purses. With the average person owning about 9.5 credit cards, not to mention loyalty, membership, and debit cards, the clutter can become a real issue. Today, Coin, a new startup out of Y Combinator, is launching a product to solve that. Coin has created a Bluetooth Low Energy connected card that can store all your swipe-able cards and be used to pay everywhere cards are accepted, all in real time. Coin is a completely unique and secure device that fits seamlessly into your wallet or purse. Coin is powered by a 128-bit encryption for all storage and communication with its easy-to-use consumer app. To start, you receive your Coin card and a card-swipe dongle that connects to your smartphone or tablet and allows you to upload all your cards onto the mobile app, which then automatically stores them onto your personal Coin card. Once you have set up your Coin, you no longer need the accompanied app or your iOS or Android device to be near for Coin to function, unless you want to manage, add or delete existing cards.

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