Hired is the first two-sided marketplace created specifically to match high quality technology talent with the best job opportunities. The company admits 200-250 new participants into their marketplace each month and connect them with over 700+ leading companies, including OpenTable, Palantir, ClearSlide, Mixpanel, Klout, Lookout and Twitter as well as leading early stage startups. They are currently focused on developers, UX/UI designers, product managers and data scientists in the Bay Area, NYC, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, LA and Seattle...but growing quickly. Hired believes taking the next step in your career should be a transparent, unbiased, and painless process...and that the talent should be in control. A week-long markets provide upfront offers from vetted and funded companies, dedicated talent advocates to support their participants through the recruiting process, and signing bonuses of $2,000. 90% of their participants receive an upfront offers and hires are made on their platform in under 15 days vs over 60 for an agency. Hired began its life as DeveloperAuction.com—an idea the founders dreamt up over Indian food, beer and rap music at an Irish bar in San Francisco in April 2012. The team expressed frustration about past dealings with expensive recruitment agencies, and contemplated that the most popular recruitment tool amounted to “shopping for a house using a phonebook”. The very next morning, Doug purchased the DeveloperAuction domain name and forwarded Matt and Allan the receipt. They got to work, launching the first auction during Burning Man, which netted $30 million in offers on 88 Engineers. Today, after 3 years, Hired, Inc is the biggest end-to-end recruitment solution in the Bay Area in terms of hires made.

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