Ebuzzing (formerly Wikio)

Ebuzzing & Teads is a global technology group which specializes in creating innovative video advertising inventory at scale and automates transactions between buyers and sellers. The group invented the concept of ‘outstream’ video. Outstream formats distribute video advertising within all types of content . Ebuzzing & Teads own two companies with complementary offerings, enabling the group to cover all its clients’ needs and reinforce its strategic assets. Ebuzzing is a video ad network which distributes video advertising on a global scale for the world’s leading brands. The company is currently present in the US, LatAm, Europe and Asia. Ebuzzing rolls out branding, engagement and social campaigns across its global network of 40,000 publishers, social influencers and apps, leveraging its platform and focusing on innovative formats, contextual targeting and advanced analytics. Teads is the industry’s most advanced video SSP . It allows premium publishers to create extensive video advertising inventory, monetize their sites using instream and outstream advertising and optimize revenues and placement fill-rates thanks to yield management features. Its R&D department employs 50 people, demonstrating the company’s commitment to technology and innovation. Ebuzzing's 2013 revenue was $67.5 million, with video advertising revenue growing by 41%