Teads invented outstream advertising, which carves out brand new video inventory by placing video advertisements outside of the traditional video stream . Formatted for engagement, Teads' outstream units are viewable by design, skippable from the start, and built upon a cost per completed view business model. Teads developed the industry’s most advanced video SSP , allowing premium publishers to manage their extensive video advertising inventory, monetize their sites using instream and outstream advertising, and optimize revenues and placement fill-rates thanks to yield management features. Teads' partners are among the world's most respected publishers, including The Financial Times, Reuters, Slate, Conde Nast, Heart, The Guardian, Nikkei, Die Welt, Le Monde and many more. This means that advertisers working with Teads can place their video content within premium, relevant, and brand-safe environments worldwide. Formerly Ebuzzing & Teads, the company decided to rebrand under one name, Teads, in October 2014 to better communicate its commitment to advertising technology solutions. Today, Teads' 25 offices operating in 18 countries empowers video campaigns to reach relevant audiences on both local and global scales. Teads' 2014 revenue is projected to hit $100 million.