Eventbrite is an online marketplace and the world’s largest self service ticketing company that allows people to easily host, promote and discover events they'll love. Since 2006, Eventbrite has been bringing communities and people together through live experiences. From the registration to the door, Eventbrite’s powerful technology platform gives people the tools they need to sell out events of all sizes. Since the company was founded, Eventbrite has processed more than 190M tickets totalling over $3B in gross ticket sales. In the last two years, Eventbrite made its first two acquisitions, Lanyrd and Eventioz and opened offices in Melbourne, Dublin and Nashville. In San Francisco, the company employs nearly 300 people and are continuing to hire both locally and internationally at a steady pace. Investors include Tiger Global, DAG Ventures, Sequoia Capital, T. Rowe Price and Tenaya Capital.

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