Kato is fixing the problem of business communication - enabling teams to communicate faster and more efficiently, reduce email overload and easily access their organizational knowledge. We're on a mission to make life a little better -- to make our jobs easier and more pleasurable, to help businesses work more efficiently, to improve how we communicate with each other. Kato brings the power of text, voice and video to team communication and intelligently manages information coming from other services, preventing data silos while reducing organizational noise. Companies large and small are more efficient and productive using Kato, both internally and with external partners, vendors and customers. Kato makes it possible to bypass the email blackhole and communicate with customers and partners in real-time. Organizations send less email and leverage knowledge better with Kato’s best-in-class search. We're built for business, with enterprise-grade security and administrative control. No hardware to maintain, software to update, or database to backup. It’s for distributed teams and remote workers, small businesses and large multi-nationals, and everything in between.

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