RedCap is an online marketplace for Personal Drivers to drive the vehicles of their members. By offering Personal Drivers On Demand, RedCap is democratizing the traditional chauffeur by making them easily accessible and affordable. Personal Drivers are routinely used to enhance productivity, run errands, take your car in for service, shuttle kids and seniors or a return trip from a medical appointment or night out where you may have become impaired. Where Uber, Lyft, Sidecar and virtually every other transportation marketplace focus on those that don't have cars or are in cities where it is inconvenient to use them , RedCap is exclusively focused on the 80% of the population that have vehicles and routinely need to use them in suburban areas. The services of a Personal Driver for your car are often more comfortable, flexible and affordable than traditional taxi or car service. By utilizing your own vehicle, you have the ability to use a driver by the hour or on a one-way point to point basis. Easily accessible through mobile applications that offer complete visibility into pricing, driver ratings, driver location, and account management tools, RedCap makes the lives of its users more convenient, safer and fun.

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