Investment Focus

First and foremost, SoftTech VC invests in, and works with, great entrepreneurs at the very early stage of development in their companies. Since 2004, our focus has been the consumer Internet space. As new technologies emerge and with 100+ investments under our belt, we’ve continuously refined our focus sectors with the consumer remaining at the heart of our investment strategy. However, like any investor, we are opportunistic and will do a few deals that are outside of our core area of interest – because we like the team and opportunity.

Our map summarizes these five core sectors, where we have developed expertise – either by investing or operating companies through to exits.

SoftTechVC Investment Focus

The “New Areas” sector is home to a number of experimental investments that we make to test/validate a new thesis. A great example is Fitbit- our very first hardware investment we made on the basis that capital efficiency might actually apply to a new generation of consumer hardware devices where most of the value add is delivered through cloud services. As we find more interesting opportunities presenting similar characteristics, we may see a new sector called “Next Generation Hardware” appear in our investment strategy.

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