ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC named Latop of the Year

Image3 122Jupiter Research Michael Gartenberg just announced his recent decision to name the ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC “Laptop of the Year”:

It’s the first Tablet PC I’ve used where there is no penalty at all for the Tablet OS feature. It just works as a great notebook and when you need it in Tablet mode (like in that middle seat in coach on the way to CES) it’s just there for you. Still no integrated drive and the screen is still XGA. But if you need more, you might want to look at the Z60t. Take the great IBM keyboard, add in a nice DVD burner and a 15“ screen. Toss in a Pentium M and a gig of memory and a 100gb HD and you’re talking about a first class system that will keep up with most desktops. The best part is that it’s still only 5.5lbs so it’s still truly portable.

I recently bought an X41 to replace my Toshiba Portege 3500, threw in an additional 1GB, a docking station and a extended battery (all accessories are listed there) and I must admit that this is an excellent laptop. Almost 6 hours of autonomy with the extended battery (after tweaking the settings to save power), a *GREAT* keyboard, a quality screen, light, small, etc. A great buy!


  • Travis Reeder

    Very interesting, I guess Lenovo’s purchase was a good one. Too bad IBM couldn’t have done it.

  • Design

    I have this one , it is really amazing

  • Netanel Jacobsson

    It’s a great one. Just download and you have the best browser available for a Tablet laptop. Guaranteed.

  • Michael Madison

    I dunno, I’ve had terrible luck with Thinkpads (I broke 3 of them since this past November). Not to mention they have no freakin’ windows button. Before that I went the Chinese assembly route and ordered direct through Sager (, and before that I private labelled a notebook through pro-star (whatever the name of their parent chinese factory). Yet all in all my Sony Vaio has lasted the longest for me — 2 years. After my most recent laptop death a few weeks ago I’ve decided to try out HP and have high hopes, I love the dv8000 so far. It’s a beautiful machine.
    My biggest issue seems to be the fact that laptops tend to either be constantly quirky or work great but mysteriously die a day or two after warranty. Seems a little too coincidental!!