Typepad gets a few useful feature additions

Typepad New Features
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Six Apart just announced a few new additions to TypePad that are worth noting:

  • The most important one – by far – was the ability to link your TypePad feeds to your FeedBurner managed feed, which I blogged about upon release. For the first time, bloggers know exactly how many subscribers they have across their numerous feed incarnations – and that is important to their ego .
  • I like the ability to feature a post temporarily. This one (related to the World Cup) will be up until Sunday. And then I stop blogging about sports – I swear. It would however be great to somehow mark the post as “Featured” since the current implementation does not make it explicit.
  • Finally, the ability to edit multiple posts in one go, like closing comments or trackbacks, is pretty useful.

Next requirement: getting some of the Vox editing features in Typepad, like the picture insert widget, would be great.

Any other favorite feature request of yours ?

  • http://blog.trumba.com Tom

    I like the Trumba upcoming events widget but I work for Trumba.
    In terms of TypePad stuff I would like to see, a built-in technorati tag generator would be sweet. Another TypePad widget I love is the traffic stuff from MyBlogLog.

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    Typepad Integrates with Feedburner

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