Use Trulia for your next house hunt: Real Estate vertical search

TruliaI have just been pinged by the Pete Flint, the CEO of Trulia that their Real Estate search engine is now open for (beta) business. I had been aware of Pete’s plans for some time and found them interesting, but the implementation they have done is really very clean and easy to use: enter a Zip code or a city, and you get a list of houses and a google map showing their location. You can filter the results by price, number of bedroom/bathroom, price, sq footage, etc. Results also contain some statistics about average house prices in the neighborhood, etc.

Clicking on a house link gives you a detailed page, providing more information about the house, a link to the original listing, a list of houses that have been sold recently, etc.

Amazing! Go check this out.

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  • Jeremy Pepper

    That is cool, and it’s like what a few realtors have done with their own Websites, incorporating Google Earth into the listings.
    Should be interesting how the MLS system works with them, and where they are getting their listings. And, of course, the business model. Are they going to have premiere listings from Realtors, or sponsored listings, or side ads?

  • Kareem Mayan’s Weblog

    Trulia: Web 2.0 Real Estate Search

    Via Memeorandum (which is so good that I’m now checking it multiple times a day) and Jeff Clavier comes word of Trulia, a loosely-joined real estate vertical search company. Traditionally, listing real estate agents have charged 3% of a home’s…

  • Francisque

    Sympa ce service…cela me fait penser à un site connexe :

  • Rick Ho

    Tight Google map integration is definitely the trend of the next gen real estate search engine.
    Take a look at In additional to what Trulia is providing, they have a couple of unique features that I can’t find in similar sites.
    1) “SCHOOL-FIRST” search where buyer can have an overview of top school districts and start from there.
    2) “PRICE-HISTORY” tracking, so you see all the price changes of the houses.
    3) “SURROUNDING” info. They provide surrounding schools, restaurants, church and bank info for their listed house. Very handy.
    4) Their Google Map integration is very well done. All the nearby cities will be updated when you move around. Unlike Trulia which give an approximation at high zoom level, their housing information is accurate at all zoom level.
    5) I also like their Google Earth integration
    Take a look to see if you like it.
    Rgds, Ricky

  • Zone

    Here’s a better perspective on Trulia:
    The truth about Trulia is they have no content of their own. They depend on Realtors to give them content then they plan to sell ads back to those same Realtors. Not a viable model in the long run. How stupid do they thing Realtors are?

  • John

    Trulia, Zillow (, and HotPads ( have recently added detailed neighborhood and city information, census data, and heat maps to their search portal. The areas are outlined on the maps. includes Wikipedia articles for every city and neighborhood.
    These types sites of have really developed a lot over the last year.