Visitors statistics of US social networking sites

Reading this story by the Deal about the gloomy outlook of Friendster, I came across a chart showing the unique visitors of US social networking sites (provided by Comscore, as of March 2006).

Quite stunning to see that 23% of US Internet users are visiting MySpace (1 in 4).

It would also be very interesting to see the percentage of overlap among visitors of these services.

David Hornik (sitting in fronf on me) tells that combining visitors to Six Apart’s LiveJounal and TypePad would make them rank pretty high on that chart (granted these are blogging platform more than social networking sites).

  • markus

    They use spyware, just look up netsetter and marketscore. They have 2 million installs where they record browser habbits. At any rate the numbers they give publically are worthless. If you want real stats their fees start at $40,000

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  • marc

    hmm, well we are definitely top 10, but i guess media metrix are ignoring The Buzz…

  • Markus

    Nielson and comscore use spyware and their numbers are often out by a factor of 10 when comparing sites. From looking at google searches it looks like most of these installs were done via file sharing apps such as kazza edonkey etc works by getting a nightly import from ISP’s who hand over all your surfing data.
    2 months ago, the 6th most visited dating site was supposidly a 1 page site that collects phone numbers. In the end the data is only worth what people think its worth.

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  • Bradley

    Its embarrasing that neilson ignores so many sites when it ranks things. and It shows how large corporations don’t get it. They only look to the big headlines. Again I want to second Markus, hitwise (a portfolio company of my firm) does a much better job. The data is all skewed anyways, you should rank free social networks by monetization. That should give you a better picture of what really matters. Facebook is crushing Myspace then and for good reason. The key is tying offline interactions with the online world. They are interrelated and very important things.

  • Bradley

    I would like to note that hitwise’s data is collected Anonymously. So there are no privacy concerns. The information provided to subscribers never reveals any personal information because hitwise does not have nor is interested in any of that data. It does do a great job collecting statistics even though a few outliers make their way to the top.

  • Web2.0Guru

    The killer social networking which is going to blow away competition is here live and kicking… is the killer app of next gen with its ModuleT… users can build their own modules and more than that they can link application from other social networking and cool applications… Innovation at its best… watch of other social networks… start losing your page views….

  • Mike

    The next application that is worth watching in this space is

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